Roofing and Cladding Sheet


Roofing and Cladding Sheet

World of Metals got you covered with roofing and cladding sheet for any architectural style or application. In WOM, we manufacture a wide range of products to suit all types of projects, from large-scale commercial structures to industrial structures.

Choose from a full spectrum of roofing and cladding sheet colours to match any mood or environment, from heritage hues, to modern, dramatic shades. Dress your business with a huge range of roofing and cladding profiles to fit any application.

Made from TATA BlueScope Steel, our profiles are built to international standards and fully tested. We also make available a range of technical information to help you with product selection.

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Benefits of Roofing and Cladding Sheet

  • Environment-friendly – These sheets are designed using materials that are good at withstanding adverse weather conditions
  • Lightweight – Since these sheets are usually made with lightweight materials such as steel, aluminium
  • Easy installation – these sheets are fast and easy to install, most especially if panels are involved. Compare to the conventional roof like tiles; metal roof sheets are seven times lighter in weight, which makes them extremely suitable for houses that appear fragile.
  • Supplies the impressive insulation from high temperature as well as sound.Flexibility – These sheets are easy to handle because of their flexibility and can have a wide range of applications.

Looking to buy Roofing and Cladding sheet in India?

We WOM are one of the leading steel suppliers in India, servicing the steel industry for more than a decade. We can also do custom steel fabrication according to your requirements and deliver it your location.

  • Exceptional advanced manufacturing capabilities 
  • Highly-skilled workforce 
  • Leading edge design and engineering expertise 
  • Well-developed freight and logistics systems 
  • Competitive business costs
  • Enabling regulatory system
  • Agile supply chain businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

Prioritize the requirements of your project based on building type, location and climate conditions; determine desired durability, insulation and aesthetic characteristics for it; assess various material options available such as metal sheets, fiberglass or polycarbonate sheets to meet these criteria; consult roofing and cladding experts or suppliers who can guide you toward finding suitable options suited for your unique requirements.

Yes, roofing and cladding sheets can be utilized on both residential and commercial structures. They provide versatile solutions that offer durability, weather resistance, aesthetic appeal, and long-term value.

Yes, WOM products can be recycled 100% for future metal products – this includes scraps from old panels and tear off metal as well as scrap metal left from any repairs made to them. Furthermore, these sheets meet ROHS compliance for water harvesting use.

Yes, roofing and cladding sheets can help increase insulation and energy efficiency in buildings. Many are designed with insulation properties to regulate temperature and reduce heat transfer – leading to energy savings as well as enhanced comfort within a building.