Agro Sheds

WOM Agro Shade nets have a wide range of applications in the Agro sector which include all activities concerned with the growing and harvesting of crops and animals. The principal function of Agro nets relates to the protection of food produce, animals or land.

Agro Shade net is the framed structure which is covered with plastic net made of 100% Polyethylene thread with specialized UV treatment having different shade percentages. WOM Agro Shades provides partially controlled atmosphere and environment by reducing light intensity and effective heat during day time to crops grown under it. Hence round the year seasonal and off-season cultivation is possible.

  • Nursery propagation, floriculture, indoor plants, vegetables, tea, coffee, spices.
  • Hardening of plants.
  • Cattle shed, Fish Pond, Poultry Farming etc.
  • Greenhouse, terrace gardening & fencing.
  • Used as safety nets for building repairs & constructions

Poultry Feed Sheds

WOM offers Poultry farm solutions to our clients, using the best thermal insulating design, Waterproof construction and integrating modern energy efficient materials enables us to offer clients a complete service, which will provide proven savings for many years.

Our nationwide experience in managing planning applications ensures that a project can be designed to give you the most cost-effective and suitable construction for your site.

  • The construction is fast and installation is easy
  • The main beam and column are qualified steel.
  • Low cost and maintenance
  • Long using lifespan
  • Environmental friendly
  • The structure is stable
  • High earthquake-proof
  • Water proof, fire proof and energy conserving

Cold Storages

World Of Metals offers prefabricated cold storage room construction and large cold storages with PUF insulated panels and caters to food processing, hospitality, warehouses, food retail, dairy and ice cream industry, meat, chicken and fish processing industry, floriculture, pharmaceuticals and other segments.

  • High and consistent quality as the panels are factory made with Camlock and Non Camlock, options
  • Higher energy savings and high performance due to very low thermal conductivity
  • Dry construction, quick and easy to erect
  • Flexibility to choose the various thicknesses of panels based on the desired temperature requirements
  • Variable fascia options of panels available from the top freezer room manufacturers in India based upon the site conditions and requirements.
  • Ease of expansion and change in lay out as the construction is pre-engineered and modular in nature

Factory Sheds

Get the best quality Factory sheds at wholesale prices with WOM. We can help you design the perfect industrial shed for your business or project. All our Factory sheds are made to order and we can customise your design to meet the requirements of your project or business.

Using a complementary main and sub-bracket pairing, the strength of our Factory shed internal connections is increased, greatly reducing any possibility of movement by your structure.

  • Extremely durable with superior steel usage
  • Steel structure with solid construction
  • Best resistant to earthquake and other climate tragedies
  • Easier to build and have high life span
  • Diverse design options as per customer requirements

Factory Offices

World Of Metals is proud to supply modular factory offices and in-plant offices that ensure optimal versatility and sturdiness for a wide range of different facilities. These prefabricated structures offer virtually limitless possibilities; they can be installed to provide new laboratory space, quality control centers, laser rooms, offices, security systems, machine enclosures, shipping areas, break rooms, restrooms, and much more.

By choosing a modular building system over traditional construction, one minimizes the disruption to the factory during construction and offices can be repurposed, moved or renovated in the future.  

Our solution provides a clean, quiet environment to work in, just steps away from the factory floor. It’s a durable solution, and a less disruptive one compared to typical drywall construction.

  • Enhanced productivity 
  • Improved communications 
  • Cost savings 
  • Excellent adaptability 
  • Maximum efficiency 
  • Safety boost 
  • Environmental and noise management 
  • Smooth installation

Steel Mezzanine floors

A mezzanine floor is an intermediate floor space built between two floors or between the floor and the ceiling. A mezzanine floor doubles the usable space of an overhead floor. These floors can be applied to any building space. They are designed for a specific building area rather than utilizing the entire floor area. They utilize free vertical space by converting it to an additional room above and below the floor.

These structures are built mainly free of existing structures. They are often custom-made as per the need and specifications of the client. It can be made out of concrete, steel, or wood.

  • Food processing industries
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Import and export commercial organizations
  • Wholesalers
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Effective raw material storage
  • Industrial ware storage
  • Bulk storage of goods


Intended for commercial storage, the prefabricated warehouse from World of Metals delivers excellent applications while catering to specific client requirements. Constructed from lightweight and strong materials, these warehouses are the perfect choice for market-leading industries and commercial organizations.

WOM, the best warehouse manufacturer in India offers these prefabricated structures at the most competitive cost and guarantees highest performance and storage convenience from the same.

  • Lower Costs
  • Familiarity
  • Convenience


WOM is widely recognized as the top prefabricated buildings manufacturing company that deals with all the aspects of production, assembly, installation and maintenance of the same. Prefab factory buildings are extensively used for constructing offices, testing facilities, warehouses and special work sites in factories.

With quick installation times and flexible design layouts, prefab factory steel buildings are suitable for diverse client requirements and can be structured as per the available space and area. Being the top industrial building manufacturers in India, WOM has forged a formidable reputation as top notch suppliers of prefabricated solutions.

  • Factory production plants
  • Industrial enclosures
  • Warehouses
  • Testing facilities
  • Quality control and inspection area enclosures
  • Prefabricated manufacturing centers