Security Guard Rooms

In WOM We specialise in designing and manufacturing special prefabricated guard cabins adjusted to the client’s needs in terms of dimensions, colour, materials, these guard cabins are totally personalised and portable made of prefabricated modules.

All our prefabricated guard cabins can be transported in flat-pack kit to any country in the world and afterwards assembled at destination.

  • Special windows and glazing
  • Colours of the structure and panels
  • Interior design
  • Barriers installation and other complementary elements

Smart Toilets

WOM delivers Smart toilet systems that offer exceptional value and ensure outcomes that truly match community needs. With a continued focus on safe, hygienic and socially-inclusive public toilets.

We built the next generation smart toilet which are fully occupied with Smart design elements such as automated self-cleaning technology, natural ventilation, natural lighting, low cleaning requirement materials, and systems that minimise water and energy usage achieves a highly sustainable solution with a reduced carbon footprint.

  • Steel Framed structure
  • Safe and secure for use
  • Automatic pre & post flush cleaning
  • Safe to use & easy to maintain
  • Occupancy indicator
  • Environmental friendly

Modular Toilets

When it comes to construction of a modular toilet, we have experts on our team to provide technical support and consult you to make every step easy. Coupled with our proprietary modular construction system, installation of our toilet buildings is a truly easy experience. 

The range of modular toilet solutions have been designed in collaboration with governments Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to meet the requirements of remote sites ranging from roadside rest areas to areas where the community does not get access to clean public toilets. These modular toilets are intended for sites without any sewer service and are designed to integrate predominantly with the CWT collection well waste system but can be configured to suit other site treatment systems.

  • Attractive design & colour options
  • Robust & insulated steel superstructure
  • Cost-effective solution
  • High speed Hassle-Free Construction
  • One-stop solution with waste management, plumbing & electrical fittings
  • Installation by a trained professional team

Smart Water Vending Machines

A water ATM is self-operated. The essence of Water ATMs is to make safe and clean drinking water affordable for the people without access to a safe water supply and also for individuals on the go.

The installation of water ATMs can not only enhance lifestyle in some of these drinking water-scarce regions, but can also reduce the waterborne disease in communities that lack access to clean drinking water. 

Installed in multiple sites ranging from railway platforms to bus terminus, market places to temples, these water dispensers help people quench their thirst in a pocket-friendly manner.This facility can go a long way to enhance the image of a city or any place/organization that installs a water ATM.

  • It is an economical option for both urban and rural areas.
  • It provides 24/7 fresh water.
  • It reduces dependency on packaged water options which is expensive.
  • People learn to use water prudently.
  • It is an eco-friendly option.