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MS Pipe Mild Steel Pipe

World Of Metals Offering you a complete choice of products which include Ms Black Pipe, Jindal Ms Pipe, MS Tubes, Iron Pipe, Square Pipes and Galavanised Iron Pipes.

We manufacture MS Pipes in a various sizes, grades and specifications as per various national and international specifications (IS, BS API, ASTM, DIN). Pipes has been constantly executing need based demanding orders for MS Pipes to meet the requirement of sectors like, Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Public Health, Housing, Irrigation, Engineering etc.

MS Pipes are made from mild steel they can easily be welded and formed in various shapes and sizes for pipelining and tubing purposes. These are generally used for drinking water supply i.e. Plumbing, Firefighting, HVAC but can also be used in various other Industrial and Engineering applications. These pipes are usually coated with other metals/paints/varnish etc to prevent it from rusting but extra care should be taken to prevent it under extreme conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

MS pipes boast many benefits, such as strength, durability and affordability. Their wide availability across sizes and thicknesses make them suitable for a range of applications; furthermore they’re easy to fabricate, weld and install making them popular choices for construction, plumbing and structural projects alike.

No, MS pipes do not inherently resist corrosion. They can, however, be protected against it through coatings or corrosion prevention measures such as painting, galvanizing or using anti-corrosion coatings. Regular maintenance and additional precautionary measures can significantly increase MS pipes’ corrosion resistance.

It varies based on several factors including environmental conditions, usage conditions and maintenance practices; when properly protected against corrosion and maintained, MS pipes could last from 20-50 years or even beyond this threshold.

Yes, when installing MS pipes it is essential to follow certain installation guidelines. These may include safe handling and transportation of the pipes themselves as well as correct alignment, appropriate fittings and joints and following industry standards and codes. Whenever in doubt it is wise to seek professional guidance or seek manufacturer’s recommendations in regard to MS pipe installation requirements.