Colour Coated Roofing Profile Sheet

Colour Coated Roofing Profile Sheet

Colour Coated Roofing Profile Sheet

We WOM are counted amongst the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Colour Coated Roofing Profile Sheets. We are committed to give quality items and long term of benefits to our clients in Domestic and International market.

WOM Vision is to be an all inclusive presumed Engineering Metal Product Company and our goal is to make ideal use of our present day foundation, specialized aptitude past experience and information to give excellent and practical cold rolled form Products to our clients.

Being the leading Roofing Sheets Supplier, our profile Sheet are made from the finest quality cold rolled steel coils which are coated with protected metallic and reinforced with multiple layers of organic coatings.

Profile Sheet can be readily, bent, pressed, cut, drilled, lock seamed and stamped to suit the specific requirement without degradation in the quality of the paint.

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Benefits of Colour Coated Roofing Sheets

  • Colour coated roofing sheets shrewd appearance with inconspicuous square fluting
  • These sheets are hostile to slender notch guarantees watertight rooftop
  • Precise thickness, width and length gives an ideal fit for any rooftop
  • Since these sheets are usually made with lightweight materials such as steel, aluminium they have very low weight while being strong and sturdy at the same time.
  • More extensive valley guarantees higher water release if there should arise an occurrence of overwhelming downpours.
  • These roofing sheets are made of material which can be recycled easily thats why these are  absolutely environment friendly

Looking to buy Colour Coated Roofing Profile Sheet in India?

We WOM are one of the leading steel suppliers in India, servicing the steel industry for more than a decade. We can also do custom steel fabrication according to your requirements and deliver it your location.

  • Exceptional advanced manufacturing capabilities 
  • Highly-skilled workforce 
  • Leading edge design and engineering expertise 
  • Well-developed freight and logistics systems 
  • Competitive business costs
  • Enabling regulatory system
  • Agile supply chain businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

Color coated roofing sheets provide many advantages, including increased durability, corrosion resistance, aesthetic appeal and UV ray protection. They can even protect against harsh weather conditions!

Absolutely, color coated roofing sheets are engineered for weather-resistance and UV protection, featuring coatings that offer durability in different weather conditions and long-term performance over their lifespan.

While their lifespan varies based on material quality and installation process, color coated roofing sheets typically last 20-50 years when cared for properly and are known for their long-term performance.

Yes. Color coated roofing sheets can come equipped with fire resistance properties for added peace of mind against potential fire risks. Some sheets may even feature special fire retardant properties to provide added safety against possible flame hazards. It is essential that when selecting roofing sheets it meets specific fire resistance ratings and certification requirements in order to make an informed decision.