Trimdek is a versatile, trapezoidal ribbed roofing and wall cladding profile with subtle fluting in the pans to provide strength and long spanning capabilities. It is ideal for industrial and commercial applications.

  1. Base Metal Thickness 0.42 mm/ 0.45 mm
  2. Depth 28.5 mm
  3. Overall width 1072 mm
  4. Steel ZINCALUME ® steel, COLORBOND® XRW steel *Standard offering includes COLORBOND® XRW steel but other options like COLORBOND Ultra steel, COLORBOND® XPD steel and COLORBOND® Metallic steel can also be used after consultation from Tata BlueScope Steel authorities
  5. Steel Grade G550 (550 MPa yield strength)
  6. Total Coated Thickness 0.47 mm/ 0.50 mm
  7. Effective cover width 1015 mm
  8. Min. Roof Slope 5 degree, 3 degree acceptable for applications without end laps and ridge
  9. Coating Class (min.) ZINCALUME AZ150 (150g/m2) (55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc, 1.5% Si) as per AS1397 / IS15961 – with Super Durable Polyester COLORBOND®; steel XRW quality paint system of approved color conforming to AS/NZS 2728 type-4 / IS15965 class 3
  10. Application Roofing, Wall cladding

Excellent Spanning Capabilities

LYSAGHT TRIMDEK® 1015 is manufactured from high strength steel and provides excellent spanning capability resulting in better design freedom.

Additional support against roof traffic

TRIMDEK 1015 profile comes with a return leg which provides extra support at the side laps of panels against roof traffic during installation and maintenance

Valley Stiffeners

Troughed stiffeners in the valleys of profile prevents oil canning effect in larger spans, withstands better roof traffic and also clears rain water quickly with no stagnation of water.

Smart appearance

The trapezoidal ribs and subtle fluting in the pan gives TRIMDEK 1015 profile a smart and bold appearance

Long Lasting

TRIMDEK® 1015 is manufactured from Al-Zn alloy coated steel that offers excellent corrosion resistance and lasts up-to four times more than ordinary Zinc coated steel profiles.

Leak proof performance

TRIMDEK 1015 profile has a Unique anti-capillary groove in side lap which makes it leak proof and ensures weather tightness.

Quick & Easy Installation

The long length, light weight and use of self-drilling screws facilitate safe, easy and quick installation of ® LYSAGHT TRIMDEK 1015 profile.

Improved Thermal Performance

TRIMDEK 1015 profile comes with THERMATECH™ Solar Reflectance Technology that lowers surface temperature by absorbing lesser heat from the sun. It keeps both roofs & buildings cooler at reduced energy costs


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