Flex Lok 400

Flex Lok 400 concealed standing seam system is a roofing system with an innovative architectural appearance. It can be roll formed in flat, curved or tapered shape as per various architectural requirements and provide architects with a more flexible and creative roofing solution.

  1. Base Metal Thickness 0.50 mm
  2. Depth 65 mm
  3. Min. Roof Slope 2 degree
  4. Steel ZINCALUME ® steel, COLORBOND® XRW steel*Standard offering includes COLORBOND® XRW steel but other options like COLORBOND Ultra steel, COLORBOND® XPD steel and COLORBOND® Metallic steel can also be used after consultation from Tata BlueScope Steel authorities
  5. Steel Grade G300 (300 MPa yield strength)
  6. Total Coated Thickness 0.55 mm
  7. Effective cover width 400 mm
  8. Coating Class (min.) ZINCALUME AZ150 (150g/m2) (55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc, 1.5% Si) as per AS1397 / IS15961 – with Super Durable Polyester COLORBOND®; steel XRW quality paint system of approved color conforming to AS/NZS 2728 type-4 / IS15965 class 3
  9. Application Standing Seam Roof Sheet

Concealed fixed roofing

Concealed fix system requires no piercing fasteners and helps provide weather tightness and superior resistance to wind uplift. With no exposed fasteners, the straight lines of your roof remain clean and smooth.

Heat Insulated clip

The original heat insulated clip allows for movement which results from the thermal effect. This minimizes the need for step expansion joints.

Design flexibility

Available in tapered and curved sheets to fulfil the most challenging design criteria. Suitable for roofs with low slopes.

Better thermal performance

Specially engineered thermal pad slides neatly onto base of the clip which can reduce or eliminate thermal bridging effects.

On-Site Roll-Forming

LYSAGHT FLEXLOK™ 400 can be manufactured on site using world-class mobile roll-forming technology, which not only gives single length from the ridge of the roof to the eave, but also helps to make it a leak-proof structure with better control over quality installation.

Architectural Roofing Solution

High design flexibility with multiple profile shapes and on site roll forming makes FLEXLOK™ 400 a perfect architectural roofing solution.


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