MR24 Roof System is like a monolithic steel membrane, covering your entire building. The panels are joined together with a Pittsburgh 360 degree double-lock standing seam, and fastened to the purlins with a unique clip formed into the seam. Independent surveys show that MR-24® Roof System is the most specified standing seam roof in the market, with more than two billion square feet installed since its introduction in 1969.

  1. Base Metal Thickness 0.60 mm/ 0.72 mm
  2. Min. Roof Slope 1.2 degree
  3. Steel ZINCALUME ® steel, COLORBOND® XRW steel*Standard offering includes COLORBOND® XRW steel but other options like COLORBOND Ultra steel, COLORBOND® XPD steel and COLORBOND® Metallic steel can also be used after consultation from Tata BlueScope Steel authorities.
  4. Depth 50 mm
  5. Steel Grade G345 (345 MPa yield strength)
  6. Total Coated Thickness 0.65 mm/ 0.77 mm
  7. Effective cover width 600 mm
  8. Coating Class (min.) ZINCALUME AZ150 (150g/m2) (55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc,1.5% Si) as per AS1397 / IS15961 – with Super Durable Polyester COLORBOND®; steel XRW quality paint system of approved color conforming to AS/NZS 2728 type-4 /IS15965 class
  9. Application Roofing

Monolithic Roofing System

MR-24® Roof System acts as a monolithic steel surface covering your entire building and providing superior protection

Double-lock seam Joint

Creates an exclusive Pittsburgh 360-degree double-lock seam, with the final 180 degrees field rolled, for superior performance, protection and weather tightness.

Contributes to Energy efficiency

MR-24® Roof System accommodates additional Roof insulation thicknesses to enhance energy efficiency. Available in several cool colors with high SRI values, for added energy savings.

Roof movement for varying temperatures

Specifically designed with moveable clips to accommodate roof movement under changing temperatures

Strength and weather tightness at end laps

Most manufacturers locate panel splices at exactly the same position across the entire roof. This creates a condition where four panel corners must be joined at the same location, making it almost impossible to seal and keep weather tight

Perfect alignment and installation

Factory-punched panels and structural members assure proper alignment and accurate installation


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