Benefits of Colour Coated Roofing Sheets

Colour Coated Roofing Profile Sheet
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Constructing a building either for a domestic purpose or for a commercial purpose requires a stable and strong roof. Each part of the building needs to have the ability to withstand adverse climatic conditions and external deterioration caused due to climatic changes.

Recently, in industrial and urban areas, colour coated roofing sheets are gaining popularity because of their aesthetic look and thermal insulation property. They serve the purpose of adding beauty and at the same time protecting the roof from external wear and tear.

The colour coated roofing sheets are used in place of galvanized iron sheets in residential buildings to provide better aesthetic look. Today, colour coated sheets can be seen at various places like offices, garages, restaurants, car-parking areas, warehouses, manufacturing industries, etc.

These sheets are available in different shapes and sizes according to the requirements. Moreover, unlike traditional coating sheets, these sheets have a strong base of steel metals. These colour coated steel metals can be copper, aluminum, zinc-aluminum, and tin. Offering high-functional buildings that are compatible with high environmental requirements and delivers top-notch quality cladding to the roofs.

Advantages of Colour coated Roofing Sheets:

Roofing sheet supplier “World Of Metals” stated these Advantages of colour coated roofing sheets:

1. Durability

This is the prominent feature of colour coated roofing sheets. They can last up to 100 years with little to no maintenance except periodic cleaning.

2. Corrosion Resistant

If using colour coated aluminum corrugated sheets then they are highly resistant to galvanic corrosion which is caused when aluminum comes in the contact with some metal under corrosive environment.

Another type of corrosion is crevice corrosion which is caused because of corrosive salts, dirt or sand that escapes into the parts or in between the two layers. Colour coated sheets are highly resistant to corrosion which makes them best material to be used in all type of demographic regions.

3. Lightweight

Since these sheets are usually made with lightweight materials such as steel, aluminium they have very low weight while being strong and sturdy at the same time.

4. Environment Friendly

These roofing sheets can be completely recycled in the future, unlike plastic or fibre materials. They can always be melted and processed to make other roofing products which is why they are absolutely environment friendly.

5. Flexible to use

They are used for the roof are flexible and can be used as per customer requirements. They suit renovations, extensions and all other work related to construction. They can be designed into different shapes and sizes as required.